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Lamb/Mutton is usually offered for sale in the form of rack, shoulder, square cut, neck, breast, loin and leg. Many variations are possible to suit your needs.
Group: Mutton
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Beef is commonly produced from animals that are classified in terms of age as mature. These cattle often originate from the breeding herd. Offered form of cut are hip, loin, rib, chuck, flank/plate and brisket/shank.
Group: Beef
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Our product range consists of CLQ, Whole, wings, drummettes and convenient Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) products and our delicious breaded chicken products.
Group: Meat products
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Pork is usually offered for sale in the form of primal cuts, generally consisting of the butt, picnic, belly, loin and leg. Many variations are possible to suit your needs.
Group: Pork
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Navy Beans Pink Beans Pinto Beans Small Red Beans Yellow Eye Beans Red Kidney Beans * Lima Beans Black Beans Black Eye Beans Dark/Light Red kidney Beans Garbanzo Beans Great Northern Beans
Group: Leguminous crops
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Alaska Green Peas Yellow Peas U.S. #1 Lentil Split Green PeasMarrowfat Peas Maple Peas Split Yellow Peas Austrian Winter Peas Chickpeas - Kabuli & Desi Type
Group: Pea
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The seeds are about 1 mm in diameter, and may be colored from yellowish white to black. These are originated from different countries" to the into line for this product.
Group: Oil-bearing crop seeds
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* Laird Lentils * Eston Lentils * Crimson/Blaze Lentils * Richlea Lentils * Feed Lentils * Robin Lentils
Group: Grain for germination
Special Crops
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# Canary Seed # Coriander Seed # Essential Oils # Flax Seed * Spices * Sunflower Seed * Safflower Seed
Group: Seeds


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